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Released AP tests:
    AP Calculus
    AP Chemistry
    AP Physics
    AP Statistics

     At Physics Phor Phun we understand life is busy enough already. To make things easier for you, we will meet with you at the time and place of your chosing. We tutor a broad range of math and science classes as well as college entrance exams and AP testing.

How it works

     Appointments are set on a weekly basis: bi-weekly, one-time, or extra sessions can also be arranged as availability permits. Our emphasis is on in-home tutoring so the student can work in their usual study environment.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your session is free!
     Payment is typically due at the end of each session, however, other arrangements are available.

CALL US: 805-610-1725
General science
Chemistry   Physics
AP Chemistry  AP Physics
Astronomy  Biology
Environmental Science
Arithmetic    Prealgebra
Algebra I    Algebra II
Geometry    Trigonometry
Precalculus    AP Calculus
Statistics    AP Statistics
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
AP Chemistry
AP Physics
Tutoring Services Provided
One-on-one tutoring
  The best bang for your buck! Children get plenty of time learning in a group setting. This is one major cause of gaps in their education. One-on-one tutoring identifies and addresses these gaps on an individual level.
Group tutoring
     Small groups of up to four students can be accomodated as a cost cutting measure; the trade off is less individual attention.
Field trips
     Environmental and Earth science classes are greatly enhanced by field work. Day hikes are an ideal way for your student to augment their classwork. As a NASAR certified SAR tech II, our founder is an experienced naturalist with thousands of miles of wilderness experience. Search and Rescue, and wilderness survival training is also available. Call us at 805-610-1725 for further details or to arrange a field trip.

                          Our Philosophy                          

  At Physics Phor Phun our philosophy is to bring the experience of putting math and science into practice directly to the student. Our approach is based on hands-on experience. With decades of laboratory and field experience behind us, real world application of the principles and skills taught in the classroom is our specialty. And, as always, your satisfaction is guaranteed, or your session is free!

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