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  Tutoring - Physics Phor Phun specializes in providing high quality math and science tutoring for high school and college students using a comprehensive, holistic, style to prepare students for college, and remain available to them via video tutoring sessions through college. Click here for more information.

Albert Einsten - Father of modern physics
  "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
- Albert Einstein

  Research - Physics Phor Phun also sponsors leading edge, theoretical physics research on physical dimensionality and relativistic dynamics.
    What is a "dimension"?
  Is a particular direction in space, i.e., left/right, forward/backward, up/down, a "dimension," or just a component of one real dimension, "space"?
  Can ALL physical law be derived from geometric principles as Einstein derived gravity in General Relativity?
  Our original work, Rational Dimensia, addresses these questions by developing a real 3-dimensional coordinate system of the physical dimensions mass, space, and time. The development of this system has already led to the discovery of "periodic" properties common to every physical measurement made by man.
  The Periodic Table of Dimensions is the culmination of this work. Visit our research department to find out more about our research and the author, Russ Hanush.

"In mathematics you don't understand things, you just get used to them."
- Johann Von Neumann (1903 - 1957)
  Products - Physics Phor Phun provides these free educational products to help students help themselves. Our Phact sheets provide the basic facts and processes needed to master subjects in basic math, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, statistics, physics, chemistry, and more! All of these phact sheets are provided free of charge to everyone.

Free fact sheets

                                    About Us                                    

Physics Phor Phun is an educational organization providing economical and convenient educational services and products to the local community, and research to the scientific community.
Our Mission:

  Physics Phor Phun is an educational organization dedicated to helping build a better future by developing and providing effective, economical, and convenient math and science educational resources to the community.

Our Vision...

  is to share the benefits of education with everyone regardless of race, age, religion, gender, orientation, or disability by developing a community of educators, students, and resources connected by the world wide web.

Our Phounding
 Physics Phor Phun was phounded by Russ Hanush in 2003. Originally intended as a vehicle for producing scientific research based on his Periodic table of dimensions, Physics Phor Phun expanded to include tutoring and home schooling services in 2006.
  Russ Hanush has 17 years of applied math and science experience. During his career at America’s Lawrence Livermore, and Sandia National Laboratories he  worked on nuclear chemistry, analytic chemistry, and environmental stress testing programs. Check out some of his technical publications.
Physics Phor Phun Phounder Russ Hanush

  Physics Phor Phun phounder, Russ Hanush, testing some surface tension theories.

  Part of what makes Physics phun is a zest for life. Carefully balancing work and pleasure, Russ Hanush has participated in Search and Rescue (studying simple machines) since 1993, he barefoot waterskis (surface tension) as shown above, snowskis (kinetic motion), scuba dives (gas laws and displacement), skydives (gravity), rides a Triumph motorcycle (complex machines), and plays bass guitar (simple harmonic motion).

Physics Phor Phun
Templeton, CA



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